Drip & Sip

The Search

The convenience of specialty coffee often requires specific tools and equipment, forcing enthusiats to settle for low-quality instant coffee. ReQaf has been on a global journey to discover an easy solution for premium specialty coffee enthusiasts.

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What is ReQaf offering?

Salam to expensive machines and tools, and Ahlan to the convenience and simplicity of ReQaf’s specialty coffee drip bags.Enjoy a rich, flavorful, and perfectly brewed cup of coffee, wherever you go. 

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The Alternative

With a commitment to sustainability and inclusivity, we're on a friendly journey to create a positive impact while delivering a memorable coffee experience.

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Sip & Groove with ReQaf


  • Very Practical

    I am loving the ReQaf
    idea, very practical and user friendly. My fav blend is the Colombian!
    ” – Deeb.

  • Smooth Taste

    "Every sip of ReQaf's Ethiopian
    drip bag is a delightful experience with its smooth taste
    .” – Chantal.

  • Super Convenient

    A real cup of coffee
    in 3 minutes! From the aroma to the taste, it’s just perfect! Definitely replacing my Qahwa
    ” – Tamara.

  • Simple, Easy, Practical

    “Simple, easy, practical and straight to the point.” – Shal.

  • Tasty & Convenient

    My favorite origin is
    the Kenyan, it's very tasty & convenient
    ” – Rawand.

  • Perfect For Parties

    ReQaf was the perfect
    solution for our wedding party.
    ” – Fabian & Franzi.