Behind the Qaf

ReQaf was born out of the search for a better (RE)placement for complex coffee rituals. With its roots in Egypt, the brand embraces the Arabic word for coffee, "QAHWA," symbolized by the letter Arabic letter ق "QAF". The logo and icon showcase a creative blend of the letter "QAF” and the coffee bean. Our branding, artistically designed by the talented Hana Gohar, skillfully captures the very essence of ReQaf's identity, presented in captivating and minimalist visuals. Hana took great care in adding cultural elements from each coffee origin to the design, highlighting the diverse and rich heritage of our coffee sources. Excitingly, our packaging recently garnered attention and was featured on '_Packaging of the World'

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The Search!

Despite the progression of the 21st century, the simple convenience of gourmet coffee happens to be a luxury and people are compelled to consume low-quality instant coffee at the workplace or on the go. Resulting in not only the deprivation from the original taste and aroma of gourmet coffee, but also the physiological drawbacks that affect the physical and cognitive states of the consumer. ReQaf puts an end to this problem by offering specialty coffee anywhere, anytime.

ReQaf’s beans sourcing

Our success goes to the passionate farmers cultivating the finest coffee beans. We prioritize quality, sustainability, and traceability in our selection. Embracing seasonal crops, we value the entire value chain from crop to cup.

What is ReQaf offering?

ReQaf offers a simple solution to a daily need by solving a long-overlooked universal problem of the absence of instant specialty coffee in the market. Coffee lovers are plentiful, and very passionate but only get to drink quality gourmet coffee at specific cafes or at home, where specific coffee appliance or equipment is available.

Roasting methodology

Our roast style is meticulously developed, creating a clean and full flavor profile for each coffee. By working with Single Origin Beans, we ensure uniformity and the highest grading, offering a diverse range of delightful taste experiences.

The Alternative

ReQaf is committed to its authentic brand identity, prioritizing social and environmental responsibility. By sourcing fair trade specialty coffee beans and implementing sustainable production methods, ReQaf aims to reduce its carbon footprint, aiming to reach a zero waste approach with recycled materials and packaging, ReQaf delivers specialty drip coffee bags while giving back to society, creating a captivating and conscious experience for customers.

Sip & Groove with ReQaf

Your daily grooves with ReQaf's
curated music channel, thoughtfully crafted by the ReQaf family - Deeb, Jess, & Mariam Afifi. Sip & Groove to the perfect tunes that complement your coffee moments. Listen to our handpicked tracks right on our website or on Spotify, and let the rhythm take your coffee experience to the next level.


Make every cup count towards a greener future with ReQaf's Sustainability Program.


Our Commitment

At ReQaf, we are committed to environmental responsibility. We strive to minimize our carbon footprint by using eco-friendly sourcing practices, reducing waste, ethically sourcing our coffee, and promoting gender equality. Join us in our mission to enjoy great coffee while preserving our planet for future generations. Together, we can make a positive impact on the environment.


Zero Co2 Emission's

"We acknowledge that plastic and other polymers used in our packaging are challenging to recycle, requiring separation from paper materials. To counter this, we actively participate in plastic waste elimination and recycling efforts thus we are partnering with RCYKL to make our plastic footprint ZERO. We also contribute a portion of our profits to support plastic waste elimination initiatives.

Our Beans

AtReQaf, sustainability lies at the heart of our coffee journey. We take pride in sourcing our coffee beans from small farms. By working with these communities, we ensure fair and ethical practices that empower farmers and promote a thriving coffee-growing culture. Our commitment to supporting small farms not only guarantees the finest beans but also strengthens the social and economic fabric of these regions.