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Whether your looking for convenient specialty coffee at the office or for your events, we've got you covered with ReQaf's specialty drip coffee bags dispenser.


Re-caffeinate your valuable team with ReQaf specialty coffee office solutions. Introducing our convenient coffee dispensers that are regularly refilled at a frequency of your choice with our premium drip coffee bags. Enjoy hassle-free, high-quality coffee to keep your workplace energized and productive without the need to invest in costly coffee machines, maintenance, or coffee tools.


Re-Place your catering solutions with ReQaf's specialty coffee offerings for your events. Introducing our hassle-free coffee dispensers, providing specialty drip coffee bags to keep the energy flowing throughout your event. Say goodbye to expensive catering services. With ReQaf, you can provide specialty coffee that delights your guests and keeps
them engaged without breaking the bank.

Coffee Origins

  • Ethiopia

    Roast: Medium


    Tasting notes: Blackberry,
    lime, floral, herbal

    Process: Natural

    Variety: Heirloom

  • Colombia

    Roast: Medium


    Tasting notes: caramel,
    chocolate, sweet and fruity

    Process: Washed

    Variety: Caturra,
    Typica, Bourbon

  • Kenya

    Roast: Medium


    Tasting notes: Tropical,
    grape, citrus, caramel

    Process: Washed

    Variety: SL28,
    Ruiru 11

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